Back to Training Again


First class of this autumn’s beginner’s course yesterday. Tons of beginners – so many, in fact, that the salle was too full for me and dad to join in. It’s really awesome that so many people are interested in sword fighting (though it did make things a little scary once the swords were off the rack). :)

It felt odd to just sit and observe, especially since I still remembered pretty well what it was like to be a first-timer. Was itching to hold a sword by the time the class was done, so we did some free training with dad. Turns out I still have the bad habit of blocking and stepping at the same time in the first drill. I’m tempted to call it a stupid mistake, but on second thought I’m not sure that’s the right attitude to take. I should see these type of situations not as failings, but opportunities to learn and improve. A correction is not a rebuke: it’s a friendly piece of advice intended to help you. I feel a bit silly writing about something so obvious, but I’m still struggling to really get it through to myself.

(A note: there was an error in one of my illustrations for the previous post. It’s too late for me to change it today, but it should be fixed by tomorrow. EDIT: Fixed the image and the description in the 8th paragraph. :) )

Little Update


I won’t have access to internet next week, so the next two posts will be scheduled and I won’t be able to respond to comments immediately.



I’m not dead. The past few months have been crazy. Illness, school projects and exams have kept me from both writing and training for ages. Thankfully that’s now mostly over: I’m recovering from my latest virus (really getting sick of being sick) and the school semester has ended. Time to resurrect this blog!

An Apology


It’s about time I apologized for these weeks of silence. I could give a long list of excuses, but let’s just say that the beginner’s course turned out to be far more exhausting both physically and emotionally than I thought it would be. Not to say it isn’t a great experience – it’s awesome -, but it hasn’t left me a lot of energy to worry about the blog. Ready, Set, Unsheathe is not dead though. :) I hope to return to writing soon-ish, once I get a bit better.

The Falling Exercise & Nervousness


I’ve been practicing falling today. It’s beginning to look less like an unenthusiastic attempt at the exercise, and more like a bug trying to get off its back. Still having problems with some bones hitting the floor pretty hard, as well as with getting up, but I think (or hope) that I’m slowly making progress.

Awaiting tomorrow’s lesson with both excitement and dread. What if we have the falling exercise in pairs, or something as bad? Actually, the thought of any exercise in pairs makes me a bit nervous, as I tend to think of failures as humiliations. PE classes coupled with bad self-confidence can do that to you. I know that my fears are completely baseless (there’s no way anybody on the course would laugh at someone’s struggles), but it’s difficult to get out of this mindset.