Relearning Squats

(Found this post lying around as a draft, and decided to finally let it see the light of day.)

Some time ago I was reading one blogger’s lamentations about the physical impossibility of doing squats. I remember thinking: “Isn’t it nice that there’s at least one thing that I’m naturally quite good at? Squats are easy!” In fact, they were a welcome chance to catch my breath during the otherwise difficult warm-up session.

Well, not long after this I was pulled aside for a while after training. It turned out that I was absolutely, horribly wrong about squats.

Apparently I’ve been doing squats all wrong up till now. I’ve let my knees move forward a lot, which of course makes it easy to squat up and down. Unfortunately, this isn’t safe at all, and could cause knee injury in the long run. To prevent that, you have to take care that your knees never move further than your toes.

Now, it seems to me that this:

squat1Should invariably result in this:

squat2But apparently practice is all that’s needed to defy the laws of physics. Who knew?

I was given a couple of tips on how to practice squats at home. Though I must confess that I’ve been neglecting that a bit (surprise, surprise), I have noticed that doing squats properly is, in fact, possible. They are, however, far from easy, and it will be some time yet before I can consider them “something I’m good at” again.



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