Slinking Back

So, it’s been a while again. The awful truth is, I’ve half finished a post or two, but have never managed to muster the courage to edit and publish them. I might do it now though (better late than never) so that the work doesn’t go entirely to waste.

I had a half-voluntary training break again, hence the lack of updates. I think I only attended one class after the last post before coming up with excuses to slack again. Eeh, how embarrassing. Slinking back to the salle after another month or more of absence is a great exercise in humility and not imagining that the world turns around me.

Speaking of the world not turning around me: I opted out of an exercise last week and the week before that. As mad as it sounds, this was kind of a big deal. Despite safety and health being absolute priorities at the salle, till now I’ve been loath to avoid any exercise, even if it was pushing my limits a tad too much. Turns out everybody does not stop and gape at my laziness if I stand aside for a while. Thank goodness.

In all seriousness, I was pleasantly surprised by how easy it was for me to decline an exercise. Go me! It’s a step (though tiny and silly) closer to humility

2 thoughts on “Slinking Back

  1. Hello,

    I have read through all your blog, since the beginning, to this point, following your discovery of the longsword, your insecurities and your success in overcoming them. I felt that I had to leave you some sort of feedback and encouragement, hopefully, to go on with swordfighting.

    I am longsword instructor at my local salle. I have often met people in situations alike, or close, to the ones you describe, and it is not always easy for me to understand what goes through the mind of my students. Your writting was very helpful, and I actually mailed a couple of my students links to your post to encourage them and show them how other people approach HEMA.

    I will go on to say that your posts were well written and entertaining. Beyond the professional interest (this blog is a marvelous, structed insight into how someone teaches HEMA from the beginning, to beginners, and I am always eager to learn from what others do) I was actually dragged in by the narrative, the little cliff-hangers between posts to lead on the descriptions of techniques and the curiosity to see how you would approach the next lessons.

    I could go over the top and say you have acquired a responsability with us, your readers, but I am sure that gratuitious pressure wouldn’t help much. ;)
    I would love, however, to encourage you to go on training and learning and, especially, to keep writing about it.

    • Thank you for your heart-warming comment! I’m very glad that my blog has been so useful. Really, it has now exceeded all the goals and dreams I had for it! :)

      I have definitely not given up on sword fighting completely. I’ve felt bad for a long time about not going to training and not writing, and I agree that I ought to get back to it! If all goes according to plan (that is, if I don’t chicken out!) I’ll visit the salle before the end of the month and make another attempt at getting back into some kind of training routine.


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