Audatia, the medieval swordfighting card game

Whether you’re an experienced swordsman looking for a fun way to relax after training, a beginner trying to learn all that weird terminology, or just someone interested in learning about swords and swordsmanship, I recommend taking a look at this fundraiser for Audatia, a medieval sword fighting card game. Just 10€ will get you the full game in PDF, and there are many more reward packs to choose from. Audatia looks like a really cool game, and it’s already halfway to being funded! What’s more, the stretch goals sound awesome, so please consider funding even if the project has already reached its funding goal. For more information, read Guy Windsor’s blog post, 5 reasons why Audatia matters, watch the video below and visit the fundraiser site. If you’d like a closer peek into how the game works, check out this independent review of the game (update:) or take a look at this gameplay example video.



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