Commercial Break

Unfortunately the last post on the cutting drill will be late (but not by much, I hope). This is what happens when I spend my weekend napping and think that “I’ll get to writing the post eventually”. But there’s always a good side to things: this is an opportunity to spend a post pointing towards the link list I’ve added to the sidebar, something I’ve wanted to do for a while. The list is not comprehensive, but it includes the websites I visit most and have found helpful and interesting. & Ragion de Spada

The first website on medieval swordsmanship I visited was the local sword school’s website, and it’s one I keep coming back to. It’s of course a useful source of news etc., but I think anyone interested in medieval swordsmanship will find it helpful: it has links and other further reading in abundance, as well as a really great wiki. The school’s founder and our teacher Guy Windsor also keeps a blog, Ragion de Spada, which is naturally worth checking out.

My [Dad’s] Sword Projects

My father and I recently put together a blog to showcase his self-made swords, and I’ve been looking for a chance to post about it since. You’ll find pictures of all of his more recent projects here – including my training sword! There’s also a page about the process of making a sword.

The Virtual Pell, The Ideal Step & Others

Two other blogs I’ve linked are The Virtual Pell and The Ideal Step. The former is a new blog by a fellow beginner who focuses more on German school, while the latter is written by a swordsman in Singapore training with the longsword and rapier. They both offer different and interesting points of view.
Other links on the list include the Exiles (free translated Fiore manuscript copies!) and the Sword Forum (many of the discussions go a bit above my head, but it’s still a nice place to visit).

There are, doubtless, many more great sites I could mention, but haven’t thought of or haven’t discovered – feel free to give recommendations in the comment section. :)


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