Fifth Lesson: Back Pain

This lesson was okay. Well, actually, it was a ton of fun despite the scariness of the falling exercise and the difficulty of the second drill counter-remedy. It would’ve been a great experience overall if it wasn’t for the back pain.

I started feeling a vague ache in my upper back soon after we started practicing with swords, and it kept growing all the way until the ending salute. Though not very strong, the pain was enough to prevent me from doing much free training after the lesson ended. I mentioned it to my father, who suggested I go and ask our teacher about it. I didn’t. It was silly not to, I felt quite bad about it during our trip home, but I convinced myself that the pain might go away by itself.

There are only two posts for this lesson:

    Combining a dagger exercise and the falling exercise
    Countering the second drill remedy (blocking a mandritto fendente from the guard dente di cinghiaro)

In addition to these exercises we fine-tuned our grip on the sword, making sure that it wasn’t too lax or too tight (the latter can result in some wrist injuries).

Things I’ve Learned

  • Making someone fall is down to good technique, not size or strength
  • How to lock someone’s sword arm (more-or-less)
  • The importance of holding your sword right
  • Spelling “cinghiaro” (yay!)

Things I Find Difficult

  • Falling exercise
  • Falling exercise combined with the dagger exercise
  • Swallowing my pride and asking for help

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