Second Lesson: A Look Back

There’s one thing I haven’t talked about yet concerning this lesson: swords. The bad news? What we do is mostly repetition of last week’s exercise, the Fendente Mandritto. Oh, it’s great to get a chance to practice and refine it more, it just doesn’t make a very interesting blog post to end this week with. I might write something in the future about the specifics and quirks of the fendente blows (that’s the fancy term for iconic slashes with a sword), but I don’t feel ready for that yet.

Right. After this last exercise it’s time to go home. I leave with a vague feeling of frustration and embarrassment, which grows quickly and eventually leads to the post on self-confidence I published yesterday.

Overall the second lesson left me a bit unhappy, but to be honest, that was entirely my own fault. Even when I was beating myself up for stupid reasons I saw that the people were still awesome and the atmosphere at the salle was great.

On to the recap! What did we do during the second lesson?

  1. THE 3 TURNS
    Meza volta
    Volta stabile
    Volta tutta
    Stick avoidance exercise
    How to defend against a fendente mandritto
    Understanding why I left this lesson in bad spirits
    Looking at the effect poor self-confidence has on this experience
    Deciding how to counter this problem

Things I’ve Learned

  • Meza volta, volta stabile, volta tutta
  • Keeping calm and aware in a fight is important.
  • I can’t keep thinking of failure as somehow “embarrassing”. You learn by making mistakes.

Things That I Find Difficult

  • Not thinking of failure as embarrassing.
  • Defending against the dagger attack.
  • Pretty much everything that I listed last week, although the falling bit is going a little better.

2 thoughts on “Second Lesson: A Look Back

  1. Ah there it is, “the people were awesome” and “the atmosphere was great”. Two things majorly lacking in my extremely brief foray into fencing.

    • Yeah, those two things do seem to be critical to make this type of course enjoyable. I’m sorry to hear that you’ve had bad experiences in this regard. I myself steered clear of all sport for years because I was under the impression that the whole sporting community is filled with extremely competitive show-offs who’d rip my skin off should I fail a single time. I’m very happy to find out that I was just being silly. :D It might take a while to find a group or community where you’re comfortable, but it really pays off in the end.


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